Social Care

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Care Assistant (CA)

As a Care Assistant your role will be spent day to day caring and supporting patients and service users, you will be providing personal care, administering medication and moving and handling patients who are bed bound. You will be on the frontline of the business working under CQC regulations, working alongside social services, the ambulance service and the NHS.

Support Worker (SW)

As a Support Worker your role will be spent supporting service users who need extra support at home. You will be preparing meals, taking service users shopping and on days out. You will be promoting service users independence by giving them choice of meals, activities and daily routines.

Senior Carer (SC)

As a Senior Carer your role will be spent supervising a team of Care Assistant’s providing support and assistance, providing them with PPE and documents as and when needed, ensuring Medication logs are up to date, carrying out spot checks on CA’s and reporting any issues to the management team.

Field Care Supervisor (FCS)

As a Field Care Supervisor you will be working alongisde a Care Coordinator providing them with support when managing their area. You will be working out in the field conducting: Assessments on new patients/clients, completing care plans, conducting spot checks on CA’s and SC’s and carrying out package reviews. You must ensure paperwork is up to date in all client’s houses.

Recruitment Coordinator

As a Recruitment Coordinator (RC) your role will be spent working within the HR Department, Sourcing potential Care Assistant’s to join the company. You must find candidates who have a true dedication and desire to work within the sector. You will be working alongside the Care Coordination team ensuring a balanced number of Care Assistant’s is available, ready for scheduling visits to.

Care Coordinator (CC)

The Care Coordinator is the patient’s go-to person if their needs change or if something goes wrong with service delivery. Many elderly and disabled people have highly complex needs. The care coordinator relieves them of this burden and ensures that there are no gaps in service provision. You will be leasing with Social Service’s, Discharge Coordinator’s, The Ambulance Service, The Police and The NHS. It is your duty to ensure Every Client or Patient has a visit and their Care is to the highest standard.

Lead Care Coordinator (LCC)

Alongside Managing a Team of Care Coordinator’s your role will be spent dealing with high escalation’s and serious incident’s such a Patient Death’s. You will be the support for your Care Coordinator’s and the main contact for Social Services and other outside agencies. It is your job to ensure that the service is Safe at all times and your Care Coordinator’s have a stable number of CA’s to provide care to service users and paitents under your care.

Care Manager (CM)

As a Care Manager your role will be spent Supporting your team of Care Coordinator’s and your Lead Care Coordinator. You will be attending meetings with social services and discharge coordinators with local hospital’s. To ensure a safe service is being delivered you may get involved with the Recruitment of Care Givers supporting your Recruitment Coordinator.

Registered Manager (RM)

To deliver a range of CQC registered care services to vulnerable adults and older
people using a person-centred approach that maximises independence and reduces the
need for more institutional types of care. To offer a responsive and efficient service to all customers with a strong focus on outstanding
customer care. To maximise utilisation of the existing block contract hours (with local council) while growing a strong private customer base and expanding the range of services available – increasing the hours delivered and the range of activities offered.